Saturday, December 8, 2007

After an intense 3 week test of this free application from, my vote is in: 5 stars. If I could give it 6 stars I would. Why isn't this being talked about more? Is it just because I am in sales and on the road 99% of the time? This is amazing! First, take a peek at this video to see a little bit of what it does.

When you join, you provide your cell phone number and email address. You either upload your address book or type in your contacts. Rather then sending a text or email from the road, you call the toll free number - Jott matches your account to your address book and records your audio message. It then transcribes the message, sends it to the person who you told it to with the transcription and a link to the recorded audio and copies you on the email.

An extremely useful feature is the reminders. Lets say you just remembered that you need to order a gift for me for Christmas before the Amazon sale expires. Just call Jott, when it asks you "Who do you want to jot?" you say "Myself" or "Me". Then say "Don't forget to order the new Tablet PC for Patrick for Christmas before Friday's sale expires." Jott says, "Do you want a reminder?" "Yes" "For when" "Thursday December 13th at 7PM" "OK, got it Thursday December 13th at 7PM" Jott repeats. When the reminder is due, you get a text and an email of the transcription as well as a link to the audio.

Here is the newest feature: Calendar function. Lets say you just hung up with Boom and booked a racquetball game for Saturday. Rather than grab a pen, write it down while you are driving and lose the paper anyway, call Jott!

When Jott answers, say "Google Calendar". Jott repeats "Google Calendar". Beep. "Next Sunday 7:15 am racquetball at Northwood in Palmer with Boom." Boom! Just like that, it's on your calendar with the text that was transcribed and the correct date and time.

Check it out at