Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Walter Storholt on ESPNU tonight

Click the arrow to play the videos below:

WALTER IS THE MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is an amazing, talented, prepared, and polished broadcaster. Oh, and this was his first ever TV appearance. Stud.

(Sorry about the quality, I took these from my camera and had to convert them to wmv before uploading to YouTube)


  1. WALLY G!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Walt - you were AMAZING!!!!! We could not be more proud of you. You are such a natural - it sounded like you had been working with that espn team your whole life. WAY TO GO!!!! Can't wait for your next broadcast!!! Love - Aunt Beck

    ps - when Paige and Kaitlyn saw you on tv they went crazy giggling and shouting "It's Walter! It's Walter!"

  2. Hey Walter!

    Way to go! We are so impressed with your performance! We agree with Becky! We look forward to seeing more of you very soon! And a special thanks to Patrick and Becky for making connections with the extended family to share this magical, special moment with everyone.

    We are "some excited" about all the neat things that are unfolding for you Walter! We are among your most ardent fans!!!!

    Love, G&GS