Monday, June 30, 2008

Man dead after argument over the last few potato chips in a bag

Now, they must have been some damn good chips.

It all comes back to Pennsylvania.

Digiscoping Setup

Digiscoping Setup, originally uploaded by -SPK.

Digiscoping Setup

This is my new digiscoping setup, it's a Canon Powershot connected to a Kowa TSN-1 Scope. This was/is a really cool project and I'm really excited about the possibilities...

The biggest challenge was getting the camera lens to be the *perfect* distance away from the scope lens, the next was to have it be mounted so I didn't have to hold the camera all the time.

The solution? I used a soap bubble plastic tube that I stole from the girls, cut a slit all the way up the side and fitted it over the scope eye and taped it so it was snug. The top (where the lid screwed on) is luckily exactly the same size as the lens of the Canon, so when I insert it into the top it's held perfectly tight. In addition, the black duct tape blocks the ambient light to help avid aberrations in the pictures.

The results? I'll let you decide.

P.S. When the Canon is inserted into the bubble tube, I need to zoom it 3.8x before it will block out enough of the tube to just see the light at the end.

A robin, a blackberry & a grub

A robin, a blackberry & a grub, originally uploaded by -SPK.

DigiScoped, baby.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

This is my new favorite picture of Becky!

Click on the picture to be whisked away to my flickr set of Andrew and Asha's wedding this weekend.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Dad Storholt introduced me to a new term, called Digiscoping.

Basically, you use your digital camera and a scope to create one hell of a long lens for taking pictures. After about 5 minutes of playing around, I came up with these shots tonight. They were all taken from inside the living room (with the deck slider open) How cool, huh?

She is a dancing queen

She is a dancing queen, originally uploaded by -SPK.

Lets get ready to ruuuuuuummmmbbllllleeee!

-, originally uploaded by -SPK.

Me and Walt at Paige's party at Bounce U.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Fly, Kaitlyn, FLYYYYYYYYY, originally uploaded by -SPK.

Look at that form, look at that height!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Caption This

Yummy juice boxes, originally uploaded by -SPK.

Lets see who can come up with a good caption for this photo of me and Andrew "the artist" Kish III.

Lifehacker Lawn Tip: Don't bag or rake your grass clippings, BLOW THEM AWAY!

I made this little video for one of my favorite sites, They have a flickr pool of user contributions hoping that their tip makes it to the site. Cross your fingers for me!


I see my neighbors either bagging or raking their grass clippings. Bagging is a lot of work (especially when the lawn is high) and raking just plan stinks.

I learned this tip when I was a landscaper (read: lawn cutter) for a summer. It works great, makes for a healthier lawn, and is easier than bagging or raking.

People always want to know if I blow them off of the lawn, and if so where do they go? They aren't blown off of the lawn, rather they are spread evenly so that you just don't see them, really!

I love me some NASCAR

I love me some NASCAR, originally uploaded by -SPK.

This is Jamie McMurray's show car that was on display in downtown Bethlehem a week ago.

It was really cool to see the COT in person and get a get a good look at the splitter in the front.

Isn't she perty? (Becky, I mean)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A little warm

A little warm, originally uploaded by -SPK.

97 degrees and 30 MPG

Kazoo playing like you’ve never seen before, trust me

via bits & pieces

Monday, June 9, 2008

Anything wrong with this picture?

Anything wrong with this picture?, originally uploaded by -SPK.

it's 7:56 AM and 76 degrees F already?!

It's going to be 98 today and 99 tomorrow. Oh boy.

Bulova Watch Lost at Sea During WW2 Reunited with Owner After 67 Years, Stil...


Sent to you by -SPK via Google Reader:


via Gizmodo by AddyDugdale on 6/9/08

A Royal Navy veteran has been reunited with his watch, 67 years after he lost it during World War II—and, it worked perfectly. In 1941, Teddy Bacon, a lieutenant aboard HMS Repulse, was throwing a line from ship to shore when the gold Bulova watch, bought in the Azores for $55, slipped off his wrist and into Gibraltar Harbor. The timepiece was never found, until the harbor was dredged, seven decades later.

After seeing his watch splosh into the water, Teddy sent down a couple of divers to search for it, but without any luck. So, he informed the deputy harbor-master who logged the missing object. Fast-forward to 2007, and the watch turned up during the dredging of the harbor. When the authorities checked the log, they found Teddy's claim, and sent the watch, still ticking, off to him. Now 90 years old, the reitred sailor couldn't believe his eyes when a package containing his gold watch arrived at his new home.

'To say I was stunned could be considered a major understatement,' he said. "It truly was a miracle that I had been reunited with that watch after a lifetime. Now I wear it every day and it keeps perfect time, even after all those years in the water. It is absolutely excellent and I consider it a long-lost friend.'" [Daily Mail]


Things you can do from here:




This is one of the best shots of them ever.

Monday, June 2, 2008

I swear, I just overheard this in a deli....

"I am so fumigating over this!"

And she was dead serious, better yet - the person she was talking with was nodding her head in agreement.