Saturday, June 14, 2008

Lifehacker Lawn Tip: Don't bag or rake your grass clippings, BLOW THEM AWAY!

I made this little video for one of my favorite sites, They have a flickr pool of user contributions hoping that their tip makes it to the site. Cross your fingers for me!


I see my neighbors either bagging or raking their grass clippings. Bagging is a lot of work (especially when the lawn is high) and raking just plan stinks.

I learned this tip when I was a landscaper (read: lawn cutter) for a summer. It works great, makes for a healthier lawn, and is easier than bagging or raking.

People always want to know if I blow them off of the lawn, and if so where do they go? They aren't blown off of the lawn, rather they are spread evenly so that you just don't see them, really!

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  1. Buddy, can I just say that you make me laugh!!!!

    I have a better CVL Landscaping $30 and come home from a hard days work or golf to a beautifully cut lawn.

    If you want to give me the exercise excuse, then go downstairs on that treadmill you bought for an hour or two!

    I watched as my neighbor struggled with his lawn today. When he was starting it at 5:15, I was in the back with the kids playing and cooking steak on my grill.

    After eating, we packed the kids in the stroller and went for a walk at 6:20. We got home at 7:15 and the poor guy was just finishing up.

    Meanwhile, we ate - played with the kids - walked through the park to Giant to return a movie - and got home.