Saturday, September 6, 2008

Can you see his foot?

Can you see his foot?, originally uploaded by -SPK.

I walk out of an appointment and hear a rustling up in the trees and as I look up 2 squirrels are falling from about 40 feet and land in street with a low thud. Ouch.

So I walk over and one little guy is obviously dazed and confused since he doesn't do anything as I stand 6" away from him. His friend must not have been taught to "never leave your friends behind" because he was back in the tree in 3 seconds. Than, almost as quickly as they fell out of the tree the little one wakes up and BOLTS DIRECTLY BETWEEN MY LEGS.

Holy! I do a 180 and see that he ran under my car but didn't seem to come out the other side. As I meander to the passenger side, the above picture is the scene I captured.

So what did I do? I poked him with a pen to get him out of there. What would you do?

Well, the poking definitely worked because he moved - by climbing directly into my engine compartment! Hmmmm. So I opened the hood and couldn't see a thing.

Next, as I'm lying prone on the street (in my suit) looking for the little guy - the accountant whose office I just left - walks out at this moment and genuinely asks "Engine trouble?"


After a short explanation, he laughs and steps back a few paces. Must not be a squirrel fan.

A few more turns of the steering wheel and a 1/4 roll forward, my little buddy fell backwards onto the street and sundered off - looking a little I will after a night in the Bahamas.

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