Saturday, September 6, 2008

Kaitlyn Likes To Eat

Edit 2/23/2009:  Welcome to all Kaitlyn's who got here from Facebook's "Kaitlyn likes to" read!

I noticed while looking through some video, that I have a ton of her eating! We have always said she is a very passionate eater!!!  

What a nut.


  1. that is hysterical! she is freakin cute! love all the laughs...totally reminds me of my Charlotte....funny, I was just looking through old pics yesterday when I uploaded the most recent, and Bryan(hubby) and I were laughing at all of the messy pictures of charlotte there were. shes always a mess and has a voracious appetite. anything involving mess is right up her alley....and if its edible too, well then damn! thanks for sharing, cracked me up