Sunday, November 9, 2008

I have a few "issues"

The most obvious can be found in this screen shot of my current inbox on Gmail:

My Gmail inbox

Yes, there's one email in my inbox. When I see Becky's inbox, I get nauseous. It's filled with at least 100 read, unread, starred, and labeled emails. (Not that there is anything wrong with that, babe.) I have found that she's in the NORM and I'm obsessive. Or maybe I'm just clean(er).

Let me ask you this, Gmail users: You are aware that you have this thing called "Archive", right? I mean, you have an email from 5 months ago in your inbox that you think you need to save? Well, see... Gmail has a search function (and I've heard Google is pretty good at this) so ARCHIVE those messages and get a happy and clean inbox.

My other hang up is two-way light switches that aren't "uniform".


This, for example, would drive me mad. Since the girls seem to think it's OK to flip the switches haphazardly around this house, I can often be found running upstairs to turn off the hallway light just so the downstairs switches look like this:

correct switch

Got an issue? Bask in it. Thoroughly.


  1. I get stressed out if I get more than 7 emails in my inbox... If I have to scroll down to look at emails that I haven't resolved I get worried... I feel your pain Pat.

  2. Good, Walter - get it out. This is like group therapy. Talking about our demons will make us feel not alone!

  3. If you were a GTDer, this would be considered success! Way to go!