Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Visitors and commentors

How many visitors does it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll?

The chart depicted above is the last 12 months worth of data related to the number of visitors that come to this blog.

My number one visited blog post by far is Coach Lou Holtz and the second is Bailing out the Auto Industry.  Interestingly, both posts are original content and not just me "reading the entire internet so you don't have to®."

I wonder if other bloggers feel like I do about comments? I desire to have more comments here and I'm not sure how to get them... I am a comment guy when I visit other blogs, I like to say what's on my mind or make a lame attempt to be funny. I could post provocative pictures of myself and get hate comments, or ask for reader feedback in return for some new posts - but then my fans would suffer. (read: no one would care)

So here I sit... typing and trying to be entertaining, cute, cuddly, and... well commented about. 

Now that I put it that way, I changed my mind. I may turn off comments. You will have to comment to YOURSELVES. Who the hell wants to hear *you* people and what you have to say anyway? You're here to hear (not easy to type) what I have to say - type - WHAT EVER. You know what I mean. AndIcanrambleonandonandonandyoucan'tsayanything.



  1. You have fans? And they suffer?

    (Sorry, that was just my lame attempt to be funny)

    And I am impressed with the consistent growth in your traffic. If only there was a RSS, I could subscribe and become a more active reader and commenter :)

  2. I'll let my fan(s) decide if (s)he(they) is(are)suffering.

    OK TC, I know you've mentioned this RSS issue before to me and maybe this will help:

    All the way at the bottom of the main page there is a link that reads Subscribe to: Posts (Atom)
    If you click on that, you'll be presented with your RSS reader to subscribe.

    Also, I found this bookmarklet somewhere that allows me to click on it while reading a blog or site and it will automatically find the feed and subscribe me to it. This is the link location or URL address to use:


    Let me know if one of these solutions is acceptable to the "local search hound", if I can get TC to subscribe to my feed - than it's over - I've achieved the pinnacle of subscribers.

    OK, and everyone else out there - I love you just as much (or more) as far as you know.