Sunday, May 25, 2008

Cole Brothers Circus @ Camelback Mountain

To see all the circus fun, go here.

Google is Googling my blog?

Google is Googling my blog?, originally uploaded by -SPK.

What could it mean, man?

Ahh, golf with the boys

I've been playing golf since I graduated high school back the summer of '69. (OK, it was '92.) I was working for the Watchung Police Department as a police aide (dispatcher), and the folks at Twin Brooks Country Club would let the police department employees play on Monday when it was closed to members.

Now, I sucked. It didn't matter, I just kept on going out there a playing and playing and playing. After a while I sucked less and became the golfer that I am today: Totally below average. Lately, I have been playing more consistently and starting to improve and as with most things I do, I am totally and utterly addicted. This year I have broken 100 three of the four times my feet hit the course.

My Canon PowerShot SD870 IS takes awesome video(as long I don't zoom), so I've been playing around more and more with it. Below is a video of a recent outing with some friends, it was created using the Vista built-in Windows Movie Maker.