Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Mess with a friend today

If you press Ctrl+Alt+(the up arrow or the down arrow) your screen will flip that way. Just do the opposite to get it back.

I'll be on vacation for a few days, this post will have to suffice for a while for all of my fans.

Well, fan.


McCain vs. McCain

Obama: By the way while we're on the subject of Senator McCain contradicting himself, a few days ago somebody asked me what they could do personally to help America save energy so I said something that some of you have heard which is all of us could get better gas mileage and save oil in the process just by keeping our tires inflated. Turns out the experts agreed, turns out that we could save 3 to 4% on our total oil consumption just by keeping our cars tuned up, inflating our tires. Senator McCain and the Republican National Committee though mocked the idea, they've been going around sending tire gauges to reporters saying Barack Obama's energy plan. Well, the, you know that sounded clever except last night after all that Senator McCain actually said he agreed that keeping our tires inflated was a good idea. Which makes sense because it turns out NASCAR, which knows something about tires, apparently said the same thing, so did the AAA and so in the coming days it is going to be interesting to watch this debate between John McCain and John McCain.