Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Multiply by 11

Having trouble memorizing the 11 times tables?? Here is a really easy trick that will help you master about all the 11s tables up to 50! First you take any number multiplied by 11 such as 26. Take both the 2 and the 6 and add them together…and you get 8. Then put the number 8 in-between the 2 and the 6 and you have 286. Try another number such as 45. You know the drill, 4+5=9. 495 is the answer. This can help you out a very lot when you are multiplying big numbers by 11. The only part it becomes tricky is when the numbers that add up are over 9. Then you have to carry over and find out the answer.

Paige's first day of Kindergarden

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