Monday, December 8, 2008

Flag Football

I'm a little obsessed with playing flag fooball.  I'm not sure how often most adults get involved in true team sports like football, baseball, etc - but I can tell you this:  The last time I was involved was in high school.  That was 16 years ago. Hmm uhhh.  What exactly is it that makes us feel like men when we get organized and try our damnest to kick the other teams ass while trying not to get hurt?

This sport, not unlike many others before it,  has not been without it's injuries.  The first week I really hurt my ankle and on the same play someone had a compound fracture of his finger.  But you know what?  Every day that gets closer to Sunday morning 8 am, I get more excited to play.

How good am I?  I'm slow, I get tired quick, I miss some flags, and I get beat out a lot on routes when I'm covering.  What do I remember when I get home?  The touchdown pass I threw, the flag I got when diving and the comraderie of a bunch of good guys my age (and some my physique).

My ankle is getting better every day, thanks for asking.  Becky, the queen of all gymnastics - tapes *both* my ankles up every Sunday.  See, she can do this from her experience AS THE RECORDHOLDER IN VAULT and her ALL AROUND WINS IN MID STATE for 3 YEARS IN A ROW.  (love you babe).  I digress.

2 weeks ago, we played in the slush and the rain, this week we played in a fresh fallen snow, next week - NFL films shows up?  Doubt it, but I would be fun to watch a game through my eyes.