Saturday, February 14, 2009

Totally good stuff. I love Todd.

I have no idea how I came across this stuff from Todd, but I was laughing so hard - I thought it would be fun to post here.

Back story: Todd and I were in the Bahamas together and shared a door that opened into each of our rooms. I left to go to meet Beck in Key West, and Todd's wife, Amy flew in the next day - so Todd ended up staying the in the same room.

Here is the email I got from him the next morning:

Subject: How My Saturday Went

8:00 AM - Amy wakes me up and tells me to turn off the alarm. Alarm I say, that must be coming from the room next door.
8:05 AM - That alarm is really bothering me.
8:10 AM - Is that alarm coming from Kaine's room? That bastard
8:12 AM - The alarm turns itself off. Thank God!!
8:21 AM - Oh great, the snooze is over. Could somebody turn that fucking alarm off!!! For the love of God.
8:30 AM - Chicago
8:31 AM - Thank heavens the alarms turns itself off every few minutes. Did I just say thank heavens. How long can this alarm actually go off for?
10:12 AM - I had no idea the beeping would actually last this long. Something has got to be done about this. "Amy, go get someone to turn off that damn alarm!"
10:13 AM - I'm walking the halls looking for a maid.
10:15 AM - I've found a maid and she thinks this is much funnier than I do.
10:16 AM - Plotting how I'll get back at Kaine for this.

PS - You left shorts here. The maid gave them to me. I considered bringing them back with me. But that was prior to the whole alarm thing.

Then I get a link to this video:

Then this video:

Lastly, this one:

So we reply:

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