Tuesday, January 13, 2009

YouMail. Voice mail on steroids

A while back, I wrote about PhoneTag and was enamored with it. Since that posting, I canceled the service and switched to the free YouMail.

YouMail is free application that handles my cell phone voice mail (and landlines if you want), but does it 10 times better than traditional voice mail.


1. When someone calls me but doesn't leave a message, YouMail looks up the phone number that called automatically and sends me a text like this: Missed Call From 610-555-5555 SMITH, JOHN Easton PA.

2. When someone calls and leaves a message, YouMail emails me the message as an mp3 file with the caller ID information.

3. Visual voicemail. When I login to their website, this is the screen I see. I can see the caller's name, caller ID information, date/time they called and listen to the message right there.

4. Unique greetings. Once you upload your contacts - you can select greetings based on caller ID. So Beck and Mom get their own greeting, caller ID blocked gets the system greeting and my buddies get a funny one.


-Since I am on the road most days, I don't need to write down the contact info from every voice mail I get (and I get about 10-15 a day). I can just listen to to message and know that when I need it again it will be in my account and on my email.

-Uhh, It's free.

-Caller ID on missed calls. Some people don't leave messages, and I don't have all of my contacts loaded in my phone, so when I get a missed call - I know who it was that called me and decide if I should call them back or not.