Saturday, January 24, 2009

Do business with local merchants

A few weeks ago our Kenmore vacuum head stopped working. Upon request from Becky, I spent a lot of time (15 seconds) assessing what could be wrong. After careful consideration I contacted Sears repair via their toll free number.

When the gentlemen answered, I would swear his office was right in the middle of a bus terminal and he had a familiar accent similar to those tech support guys whose names are always "Bob" and "Tom" but I digress. We scheduled an in-home visit that would cost $75.00 and if we chose to have the unit repaired - the $75 would go towards the bill. Done.

The day before the aforementioned in-home repair, we got a confirmation call but no one ever showed up. No one ever called again. Not even an email follow up to make sure I was satisfied or to take a survey. It's like Sears just didn't want to know anything else.

So, I turned to Google. "Vacuum repair Easton PA" and find this listing:

Hal's Small Appliance & Sweeper Shop
1706 Washington Blvd, Easton PA
(610) 515-9953

I call and ask if he repairs Kenmore and get the affirmative. "Just bring down the hose. You don't need to bring the whole unit." Hal offered.

The shop is totally old school adorned with toy trains, old lamps, used irons, repaired griddles and good old fashioned American and local spirit. Hal is wearing a blue pair of Dickies pants and a red plaid shirt tucked in.

After about 30 seconds, he has the problem diagnosed. "I'll have it fixed by tomorrow."

$10.60 later, our vacuum is working good as new. Thanks, Hal!