Sunday, June 21, 2009

It's started already!

It's started already!, originally uploaded by -SPK.

Google Voice is about to launch to everyone

Google Voice muy pronto!Image by marcopako  via Flickr

And they have 1 million (pinky to the corner of my mouth) shiny new phone numbers for you!

How I have been using Google Voice so far is as an extension to my Verizon cell voice mail. Here's how it works.

- Set your Google Voice to "do not disturb."
- On your cell, dial *71 (then your new Google Voice number). This command on Verizon means No Answer/Busy call forward.

When someone calls your cell and you don't pick up, it gets forwarded to your GV account and you get all the features of GV: transcription, visual voice mail, SMS, search, permanent archiving, and much more.

But, here's the tidbit I wanted to share with you today. When you are on the road and call to check your GV messages, they've added this awesome feature:

After you listen to a message you can press "2" to return the call. GV then uses the caller ID of the person who left you the message and calls them back without you having to write down the number, hang up then call them. IT DOESN'T STOP THERE. After you are done with this call, simply press "*" to return to your messages. Yeah. Oh, it works flawlessly too.

Do you have Google Voice? Do you want it? Share any thoughts below.

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