Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It's your voice... as a band.

If you don't know about the IBM 305 RAMAC, then you must watch this video.  If you do know about it - you already know that it was truly an amazing machine and it cost $160,000 in 1956.  Oh, it had 5 a megabyte disk.

Today I hold in my hand a 14 gigabyte iPhone that costs about $200.00.  To compare:
-The iPhone has 14,000 MB more storage than the IBM RAMAC
-The iPhone costs .1% (POINT ONE) percent of the IBM RAMAC cost (in 1956 dollars)

You wonder why people are nuts over the iPhone and Andriod?  Because you can do this with it in your hand (not that you would want to necessarily) - but that you could:

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