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iPad Not a Novelty. Replacing Laptops?

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This recent Business Insider survey of 500 iPad owners reveals some interesting statistics.

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Suggesting that users are finding more ways to incorporate the device into their daily routines, a large majority of users report use of the device increasing after the honeymoon period. I suspect this has a lot to do with the expansion of offerings in the App Store as new things to try continue to appear daily.

Nearly a third of users report that the iPad has become their primary computer. I don’t see this as a trend for lawyers, as the need for desktop horsepower isn’t going away in the law firm anytime soon. I can imagine more lawyers replacing laptops that they now carry as a second machine to and from the office.

A full 40% report downloading between 20-50 apps. I’m certainly in that category, but I don’t think that is necessary to make the iPad a very functional work machine for lawyers. Rather, I think a lawyer would only need 4-6 apps in addition to the stock Apple apps to make the device suitable for day to day use by a lawyer.

The survey also asks some interesting questions comparing the iPad to the new MacBook Air. I have certainly looked closely at the tiny 11 inch model and thought about whether I would be better served by it compared to the iPad. The survey suggests that these are simply different devices. Of those reporting that they own both, only 4.2% report that it has caused them to use the iPad less. Over 75% consider the iPad/MacBook Air not to be an either/or decision. And, of the 25% that do think they serve comparable purposes, 80% would choose the iPad.

While interesting, it is hard to draw many conclusions about these statistics without knowing about the computing needs of these users. The right fit really depends on your workflow. As I’ve mentioned before, I think the core of a lawyer’s computing needs are fairly basic (reading, writing, Internet, mail, calendar) and are easily handled by the iPad.

My iPad use has certainly gone up since my purchase. What about yours?

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Jim Cramer on Paychex "I happen to be a satisfied customer..."

"I like the company, I like the service.  But this is about stocks and this is a darn good one."  - Jim Cramer


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Explore the amazing human body with Google Body Browser!

Google Body Browser

You can zoom across the globe with Google Earth. You can see the street view of Paris with Google Maps. You can search any term across the web with Google.

Today, you can explore the amazing human body with Google Body Browser. When you're done reading this, head on over and explore away.

Things I love about it:

  • You can select layers such as the skeleton, the muscular system, the nervous system, the organs, the nervous system, or the circular system.
  • You can pan and zoom from any angle
  • You can layer one layer with another.  For example you can show the skeleton, and layer the muscular system over it at, say 10%, to see how the muscles attach themselves and work.
  • You can add labels to any part of the body to have Google Body Browser show you what you are looking at.
I'll certainly be bookmarking this is a 3 dimensional way to learn about the body - and the girls love it too!

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Pretty Cool, Google!

Today Google emailed a video to me in celebration of the 10th birthday of adwords.

Below are three screen shots of them showing (the site we use for our daycare in adwords). Pretty impressive Google.

AdWords 10th Birthday Personalized Video

AdWords 10th Birthday Personalized Video

AdWords 10th Birthday Personalized Video

The whole video can be seen here: