Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Why I'm unfriending and unfollowing people

When Facebook first became popular and I searched for possible "friends" - finding one who was also on the service was SO EXCITING.  I mean, we can CONNECT!  Right?

Then Twitter came along.  I was on Twitter and I only followed @aplusk and @cnnbrk for 6 full months.  I didn't *really* get it until I did some local searches and found @mandreano and then the entire Lehigh Valley came to my stream.  Welcome!

I friended and followed like I was going to the Electric Chair tomorrow.

Then when I logged into the services, I was presented with posts from a lot of people about a lot of stuff I didn't care about.  And the services lost value.  I was wading through lots of garbage posts and not having fun.

I see it a bit like this: You go to a party and you know a bunch of folks, but you also DON'T know a bunch of folks.  They are engaged in conversation and your interest was piqued so you "friended/followed" them by entering the conversation.  Then you realized after 5 minutes that this guy/gal is a bore, a drunk, not funny, or just simply not for you and you leave that conversation to go to the next one.

That's why I'm unfollowing/unfriending people.  Don't take it personally, I've just decided to move on to another conversation.  And if we see each other at a party, remember being friends on Facebook or mutual followers on Twitter: ISN'T REAL LIFE.

Just sayin'.