Friday, November 26, 2010

How to unselect a tweet in Twitter for iPad

One of the smaller frustrations that I've experienced in Twitter for iPad 3.2 is how it continues to show more information of a single tweet when you click on it - then that tweet is *always* selected.

A few workarounds I used were to click the @Mentions and then back to the Timeline which did unselect the tweet. However in this never version of Twitter for iPad, for some reason - that took longer than in the previous version.

Then today - I accidentally discovered how to do it! Yes, you can unselect a tweet using the software.

Step one: after a tweet is selected, drag the new window of that tweet all the way to the right so you can see your Timeline again. Then drag the timeline column to the right and hold. Here is the icon you'll see:

Twitter for iPad

Then after a few second, the icon will change to this:

Twitter for iPad

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