Saturday, October 29, 2011

Is this snowfall a record?

I've been seeing lots of people post about this early snowfall, and thought I would do a little homework. 

Here are the historical snowfall amounts by month according to's Bethlehem PA history

Looks like the average snowfall in October is:  Zero.

According to The Weather Channel:

Pre-Halloween snows are a rarity in the Northeast but they have occurred before. One of the earliest events on record occurred with a coastal storm on October 3-4, 1987, when close to 2 feet of snow fell in portions of the Catskills and Vermont’s Green Mountains. Residents of Washington D.C., Philadelphia, New York and Boston saw one of their earliest snowfalls on October 10-11, 1979 when a small low pressure system and just enough cold air blanketed parts of the major metropolitan areas with a trace to a couple inches of snow.

The difference 90 minutes makes: Snow Pictures!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Photoset: A Red-tailed Hawk eats a Chipmunk

During a visit to Hawk Mountain this weekend, we saw this spectacular site:

Taken with Olympus E500 with 150mm Sigma 2.8 lens with 1.4x converter.

No Siri? It's ok - your iPhone already has voice commands!

I won't be upgrading to the iPhone 4S because I'm in a 2 year contract already - but that means missing out on all the cool features of the 4S, the biggest one being Siri.

Don't fret - you probably didn't even know that you already HAVE a voice control in your current iPhone.  It's simply called "Voice Control", and here's what it can do.

Use Voice Control: Press and hold the Home button until the Voice Control screen appears and you hear a beep. You can also press and hold the center button on the iPhone earphones.

Call someone in contacts Say “call” or “dial,” then say the name of the person. If the person has more than one phone number, you can add “home” or “mobile,” for example.

Make a FaceTime call to someone in contacts (iPhone 4) Say “FaceTime,” then say the name of the person. If the person has more than one phone number, you can add “home” or “mobile,” for example.

Dial a number Say “call” or “dial,” then say the number.

Control music playback Say “play” or “play music.” To pause, say “pause” or “pause music.” You can also say “next song” or “previous song.”

Play an album, artist, or playlist Say “play,” then say “album,” “artist,” or “playlist” and the name.

Shuffle the current playlist Say “shuffle.”

Find out more about the currently playing song Say “what’s playing,” “what song is this,” “who sings this song,” or “who is this song by.”

Use Genius to play similar songs Say “Genius,” “play more like this,” or “play more songs like this.”

Find out the current time Say “what time is it?” or “what is the time?”

Cancel Voice Control Say “cancel” or “stop.” You may enjoy reading a blog that I like - called Paul's iPad, he has great content and a topical article on Siri on the iPad2 here.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

The 4 best features of iOS5 (Video 1:25)

Hey all - I made a quick video of the best features in iOS5.  Enjoy.